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SEPT 15, 2022


JP Ochoa Skirts State Campaign Finance Laws, Faces Texas Ethics Commission Review Multiple alleged offenses include failure to disclose campaign contributions, accepting corporate money 

AUSTIN, TX – Cameron County Justice of the Peace Benito Ochoa, IV is under investigation by the Texas Ethics Commission, which has accepted jurisdiction over a formal complaint regarding multiple alleged campaign finance offenses. 


State law requires candidates to file regular campaign finance reports detailing political contributions and expenditures and prohibits candidates from accepting campaign contributions from corporations. 


Ochoa has on multiple occasions omitted legally-required disclosures regarding contributions and expenditures, reported accepting cash sums beyond the legal limit, and reported accepting corporate money. 


“It shouldn’t be asking too much for a sitting judge to follow the law,” said Wayne Hamilton of local governance group #ProjectRedTX. “The people of Cameron County deserve better from their elected leaders.” 


Accepting a corporate contribution is a third-degree felony which can carry criminal penalties and forfeit the candidate’s ability to hold office, if convicted. 


In accordance with state law, the Texas Ethics Commission will investigate the allegations and conduct an ethics probe on the case. For more information or to follow the progress of the complaint, visit

9/15/22: JP Ochoa Skirts State Campaign Finance Laws, Faces Texas Ethics
Commission Review
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